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Our Story

Gospel Printz is a small family-owned business who are passionate about our Catholic faith and we desire to spread the Gospel of Christ through our daily activities.


As disciples of Christ, we are called to spread His Gospel and to be a good example to others, especially to our kids. Our little ones learn by sight, from the clothes that we wear, the accessories that we use, and even the activities and the games that we introduce, have a strong impact on their well-being. With this in mind, we created Gospel Printz as a way for us to instill our faith in our kids while doing our daily activities. We aim to supply a diverse range of products - shirts, rosary bracelets, chewable rosaries, teethers, bibs, plush toys, colouring and activity books, puzzles and games, and more, all centered on our Christian faith. Most of our products are supplied and made in the USA using high-quality and child-safe materials that are tested, checked and certified.


We believe that play-based learning is important to your children's development. Using faith-based activities, your kids play and learn while growing their faith. It helps their physical, mental, and spiritual health. 


Spread the Gospel in a cool and fun way. Pass on your faith, especially to your kids. Your children deserve the best! Your family deserves the best! 

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